Meet Lorelle

Lorelle Saxena, M.S., L.Ac.

Lorelle Saxena graduated in 2008 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine.  She is a State of California-licensed acupuncturist.  Her clinical internship work included training at the San Diego Hospice, the UCSD Owen Clinic for HIV and AIDS patient care, and a community clinic for low-income senior citizens.

Lorelle’s focus is on compassionate, empowering healthcare–care that gradually facilitates the body’s own ability to heal itself, education that helps patients understand how to enact preventive medicine in their day-to-day lives, and support that allows patients to work towards optimal health in a safe, comfortable environment.  Per her training in traditional Chinese medicine, Lorelle’s approach to practicing acupuncture and prescribing herbs takes into account the very real connection between our emotional well-being and our physical health.  She is a strong believer in “slow medicine”–that is, addressing the root cause of symptoms from a lifestyle perspective–rather than seeking quick, temporary fixes.

Lorelle also holds a BA in Music from Barnard College at Columbia University, reads ravenously, and loves cooking, practicing yoga, and hiking. She has written a column on common-sense holistic wellness, “Kitchen Medicine,” for the Hawai’i Women’s Journal, blogs at about traditional Chinese nutritional therapy, and is available to consult with health-care practitioners on subjects related to traditional       Chinese medicine.