Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

How can acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine help me?

The benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are numerous and varied.  Beyond helping to resolve the symptoms that bring them to the clinic, many patients report a host of happy “side effects”:  improved sleep, more balanced emotions, increased energy, better focus and a more optimistic outlook.  Sometimes a course of acupuncture treatments helps patients find the courage to make a change in their lives they’ve been wanting to make for a while; often they notice their relationships improving and their attitude about their work clarifying. 

Why does this happen?  It’s because a fundamental principle of traditional Chinese medicine is to balance the whole person.  Even if you’ve just come in for, say, low-back pain, your initial intake will be a detailed and in-depth conversation in which you and Lorelle will discuss everything from your favorite foods to your feelings about your work to your reactions to different kinds of weather.  We will bring all of this information together in a comprehensive diagnosis from a traditional Chinese medical perspective. The low-back pain will be treated, but it will be considered just one facet of your diagnosed constitutional imbalance.  While your pain is addressed, other aspects of your system will inevitably come into balance, too. 
If you’re considering acupuncture, herbs, and traditional Chinese medicine for a specific health issue, here is a partial, alphabetized list of symptoms and syndromes that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can help to address:
abdominal pain infertility
acne jaw pain
addiction joint pain
allergies kidney dysfunction
AIDS-related conditions knee pain
alcoholism lactation insufficiency
anxiety leukopenia
arthritis low back pain
asthma manic depressive disorder
avascular necrosis (AVN) morning sickness
back pain Ménière’s disease
Bell’s palsy menstrual cramps
biliary colic methadone dependency
benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) nausea
bronchitis neck pain
cancer pain neuralgia
causalgia neuropathy
chemotherapy side effects obesity
cocaine dependency opiate dependency
colitis osteoarthritis
complex regional pain syndrome pain medication dependency
coronary artery disease pancreatitis
cholecystitis panic disorder
chronic cough pertussis
chronic pain polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
common cold post-herpetic neuralgia
constipation post-stroke recovery
Crohn’s disease post-surgery healing
degenerative disk disease premenstrual syndrome
depression prostatitis
diabetes mellitus psoriasis
diabetic neuropathy radiation side effects
diarrhea Raynaud’s phenomenon
dysentery reflex sympathetic dystrophy
earache renal colic
eczema rheumatoid arthritis
elbow pain temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
erectile dysfunction tinnitus
facial pain tobacco dependency
facial spasms tonsillitis
fibromyalgia schizophrenia
gastritis sciatica
glaucoma shoulder pain
gout Sjögren’s syndrome
headache sexual dysfunction
hepatitis sore throat
herpes zoster Tourette’s syndrome
high blood pressure ulcerative colitis
HIV-related conditions ulcers
hyperlipidemia urethritis
hypertension urinary retention
hyperthyroidism urinary tract infection
hypotension vertigo
hypothyroidism vomiting
insomnia whooping cough
 —and more.  If you don’t see the issue you’d like to address in this list, please get in touch with the Saxena Clinic to find out if acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can help.